liberate la gola

ristorante - wine bar

Via Madonna dei Monti, 28
00184 Roma

Phone: +39 06 699 09 68
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Fafiuché - liberate la gola
the Name & the Place

the Name

Fafiuchè is an ancient Piedmont noun defining people who are so strange to make it snow, a live wire, playful idlers, strange people, light-minded people, people telling distant stories...

We decided to call Fafiuché our place, because we like smiling and not taking ourselves seriously (except for the time when we choose our products!). It is also a nice way to call our life choice, our gamble with the future, our project...

In the slogan “Liberate la gola” ("Free your taste buds" in English) we intend to concentrate all the essence of our project: a place where you feel at ease, free to travel and discover, playing with the tastes.

It is also an invitation to free our habits, our usual tastes and our usual places, starting from a place where our pleasurable discoveries meet yours...

the Place

Sometimes the value of things is given by superficial aspects, often in careless behaviours during the shopping time. Something bought to taste in the future... or maybe never.

We chose a place to discover pleasantly, before or after a walk in one of the most ancient and fascinating districts of Rome, a short walk from the attractions of the cosmopolitan tourism, and also from the ancient shop of Mrs. Maria...

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