liberate la gola

ristorante - wine bar

Via Madonna dei Monti, 28
00184 Roma

Phone: +39 06 699 09 68
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Fafiuché - liberate la gola
Who we are

Little explorers, passionate researchers of gastronomical tastes, sensations and emotions, always oriented to the top quality and little Italian producers. That's how we feel ourselvers...

We feel a passion for healthy food expressing the culture of local territories, born and developed when we were just simple "consumers". We also combine the pleasure to discover people and places linked to this healthy food.

This is the core idea we had at the beginning of 2007, whose aim was to create a place where to combine all the best, genuine and peculiar foods and wines the world of Italian taste could offer.

So we imagined a "gallery of foods and wines", we dreamed and planned it as a true and living place, made of passions, tastes, ancient and new stories of people, small companies and territories.

We strongly believe it's fundamental to indicate those ways bringing to unique, healthy and ancient tastes, as well as to tell the stories of those people who created these tastes, working with their hands, full of pride for their original products.

We thought that simply selling was not enough, so we thought to open the wine bottles and the food packaging to free our taste buds, to indicate those ways and tell those stories letting us move together along these taste paths.

In June 2007 "Fafiuché, free your taste buds" was born, a top quality food and wine shop, away from the big distribution channels. Fafiuché is the result of a passionate and constant research, and it is also a place where to stay, to have lunch or dinner, a cup of tea or an aperitif, where to talk and listen, touch and see, discover, learn and teach...

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